Hidden New Jersey, a seek-and-search book for
young and old, was written by Linda J. Barth and
illustrated by Hazel Mitchell.
More than the shore! Explore the great state of New
Jersey from High Point to Cape May, from the
Pine Barrens to the Watchungs, from the Lower
Delaware to the Jersey shore. The Garden State has   
it all—history, culture, nature, industry, and fun!
Children and their families will love learning about the
amazing past and present of America’s third
Stand on the spot where George Washington stood
after crossing the Delaware to fight for American
independence. Visit the Cowtown Rodeo in Woodstown
for a whoop and a holler. Grab a hammer and mine for
your own minerals at the Franklin Mineral Museum.        
Travel north to south, east to west–—you’ll never run
out of amazing things to see and do in New Jersey. And
you’ll get some great ideas for day trips.
Double-page spreads are jam-packed with colorful
illustrations of the people, places, inventions, and
attractions in New Jersey. Readers are encouraged to
explore a little more and find hidden pictures in each
The author is available to present “Celebrate New
Jersey,” a PowerPoint program about the wonders of
the Garden State, to groups of all ages and sizes.
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Mitchell, my wonderful

Hazel Mitchell has illustrated over fifteen children’s
Tock Taylor series,
Why am I Here?, and Sabu and
, which was awarded Creative Child Magazine’s
Picture Book of the Year in 2010. Her newest book is
One Word Pearl. Hazel lives in Detroit, Maine.