A History of Inventing in New Jersey:
From Thomas Edison to the Ice Cream Cone
    Since Edison opened the first research and
development laboratory in Menlo Park, the Garden
State has been known as the Innovation State. As Alex
Magoun, former director of the David Sarnoff Library,
put it, “The state’s twentieth-century history is filled
with the technologies we take for granted, from
electronic television and antibiotics to the transistor
and liquid crystal displays.”  
    New Jersey inventors and innovators have changed
the lives of   people around the world. From the
phonograph to the electric guitar, from the telegraph to
Telstar and from baseball to college football, hundreds
of products and ideas got their start in New
    What makes New Jersey the state where ideas
grow? Is it because we’ve been home to so many
communications and  pharmaceutical companies,
including Bell Labs, Sarnoff, Johnson & Johnson and
Edison’s invention factory? Is it our proximity to  
Philadelphia and New York?
    Or does the fact that we’re the most  densely
populated state mean that bright people are also
densely  packed in the Garden State?
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I had a chance to read your new book
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Congrats on an excellent book. I will
be adding it to the reading list for my
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Raymond Frey, Ph.D., Professor of History,
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    Other New Jersey creations include
innovations in the fields of
transportation (the
steam locomotive and the steerable balloon),
communications (satellites and cell phones),
household improvements (air conditioning and
the electric knife),
entertainment (movies and
the phonograph),
food (condensed soup and
the ice cream cone) and
medicine (streptomycin
and the artificial knee).
   In 1977, the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office began
comparing by state the number of patents issued. New
Jersey companies and residents have received 115,000
patents since that date. Only states have much larger
    Open A History of Inventing in New Jersey and
discover the unique and fascinating inventions and ideas
that have shaped and changed the lives of people
throughout the world.
 What do M&M’s, solar panels, transistors,
flexible film and Graham crackers have in
common? Give up? They were all invented
in the great state of New Jersey
are but a few of the useful and
unique creations from the minds of Garden
State residents. Not to mention the 1,093
patents issued to Thomas Alva Edison.